The Perigord abounds in magnificent and numerous parks and gardens where you can walk in the middle of nature and admire the superb buildings.

Domaine des pIerres blanches jardins d'Eyrignac


Entirely redesigned from 1965, the Gardens of the Manoir of Eyrignac have been open to the public since 1987 and were awarded the "remarkable gardens" label in 2004. This garden of greenery, nestled in the heart of the Périgord Noir, comes in all shades of green: yews, boxwood, hornbeams and cypresses are the main species of the garden. It is the volumes of the topiaries that make Eyrignac so intelligent: plant sculptures, green rooms, boxwood embroidery, French-style parterre... The diversity of shapes seems to have no limits, while remaining in harmony with the architectural lines of the Manor and the 200-hectare preserved natural domain that surrounds this setting. These Gardens blend the classical and structured balance of the French gardens with the movements and fantasy of the distant Italian Renaissance. 
Jardins de Marqueyssac


The Marqueyssac gardens are located in the commune of Vezac. They are registered on the list of remarkable gardens in France. The park of the castle of Marqueyssac is a private estate of twenty-two hectares laid out around an 18th century castle. Its layout is typical of what was done in France under Napoleon III. It was created in the form of a boxwood garden topped with cypresses and dotted with cyclamen from Naples by Julien de Cerval after 1861, when he returned from Italy after his intervention, from 1849, to defend the Papal States..
Domaine des Pierres Blanches Jardins d'eau

The Water Garden

In the heart of the Black Perigord, in Carsac aillac, 10 minutes from the estate, discover the 3 hectares of water gardens, a magnificent place for a stroll that will delight you. Their originality lies in the elements that make them up: diversity of ponds, calm waters, waterfalls, streams, lush vegetation conferred by lotuses, flowers in many colours, each one more beautiful than the next. The varieties present, which come from America and Asia, have adapted perfectly here (staggered flowering from May to October). Translated with (free version)